10 Amazing Ideas for Orange wedding cake

Best 10 Amazing Ideas for Orange wedding cake idea in 2018. View all Photo!

Wedding is the most important event of a couple’s life and they as well as their families wish to make it a memorable one too. Theme wedding is an interesting way to make it unforgettable for all the attendees.

One of the themes, that is popular is the orange wedding theme, in which almost everything including the flower centerpiece, bouquets, bridesmaid’s gowns etc is orange.

An orange wedding cake coalesces perfectly with these and other items and accessories.

Ideas for Orange Wedding Cakes

Following are a few unique and stunning ideas for an orange wedding cake

Retro Look. The simplicity of the retro look gives an added elegance to the cake. Following are a few options for this type:

  • Four tier retro round cake decorated with gold leaf patterns and orange flowers.
  • Two tier retro orange and white cake having white base decorated with orange flowers.

Not so Orange. Orange color is a mixture of red and golden and hence shades varying from burnt orange to amber can be made using different combinations. These provide a royal look to the cake.

Some options are

  1. Four tier burnt orange wedding cake decorated using fondant drapes in beige.
  2. Four tier square shaped orange and golden cake having toppings of different shades of orange on each tier and decorated with hand made wedding flowers.
  3. Three tier artistic wedding cake having purple, yellow and orange colors.

orange wedding cake photo - 1


Orange is a color of hope and happiness and is a beautiful choice for a wedding theme. A perfectly complementing cake for the theme is a must to make the wedding a memorable one for all.
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