Wedding cake prices – 10 factors to consider

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Wedding cake prices are the most valued item in a budget of marriage and marks the first meal couple share. Publix is one of the most famous bakeries in the southern part of America and if you think of having an amazing wedding cake, then think of getting it from Publix.

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Prices are the most important factor to consider when looking for your wedding cake prices usually starts at about $2 and can go to $15 per slice. The cost of cake in Publix bakery will be as a result of.

The shape of the cake, design of the cake, the size, transportation and in general how sophisticated you want your cake to be. Cakes mostly are sold by slices, and then you have to discuss with the Publix bakery about the number expected to attend your wedding.
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Quality is paramount, and Publix has to be given priority when making the order and even if the budget is so fixed, you should at least try to discuss with people working at Publix and get wedding cake prices your budget.
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