Wedding cakes – The Cherry On top of Your Perfect Day!

Best Wedding cakes – The Cherry On top of Your Perfect Day! idea in 2018. View all Photo!

When it comes to selecting the perfect wedding cake, the variety of options can be overwhelming. With so many different types of cakes, wedding cake toppers and flavours, how do you choose?

Selecting a cake should complement the couple’s personality. A fun, quirky couple should opt for interesting flavours or cheeky cake toppers while a more reserved couple should choose classic flavours and an elegant design.

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Wedding cakes can be enjoyed as they have always been traditionally. The wedding cake cutting ceremony during the coupes reception is very popular.

However, these days, coupes are opting to cut the cake directly after the marriage ceremony so guests can enjoy the cake while the couple are having their photos taken.

This is a lovely option and ensures the couple is not left with leftover cake because it can be doubled up and served as dessert too!
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Best choice

Make sure to select a baker that you trust and whose reputation for beautiful cakes is well-known. It is also important that the wedding cake not only looks beautiful but that it tastes great too. Wedding cake toppers do add personality to a wedding cake and there are lots of fun and creative options available.

There are so many different variations to choose from too. Fondant, butter cream, layered or naked. At the end of the day, the wedding cake should reflect the personality of the couple and add a delicious ending to the perfect wedding day!
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